Servomotors have been specially designed to satisfy the high requirements placed on variable- speed drives.


• Synchronous servomotors

• Asynchronous servomotors


Principal characteristics

• Compact design

• High power density and overload capability

• High maximum speeds

• Integral encoder system

• High dynamic response due to low rotor moment of inertia

• Excellent concentricity properties

• Rugged, almost maintenance-free design


The 1FK6 servomotors satisfy the requirements in the lower power range from 0.7 HP to 7 HP (0.5 kW to 5.2 kW).

Their optimized design means they are the most economical solution for many applications. The new 1FK7 servomotors

are based on the experiences gained with the 1FK6 range, and are especially characterized by.


• An extremely high dynamic response.

• Compact design

• expanded range of performances and options