S7 400

The Micro PLC SIMATIC S7-400H: high availability and safety in one system – based on PROFIBUS and PROFINET. It gives flexible way to avoid downtimes.

SIMATIC S7-400H enables you to implement solutions that are tailored perfectly to your specific task. The reasons are as follows: scalable performance,

flexibly configurable degree of redundancy and easily integrated safety functionality.


Tried and tested worldwide featuring:


  • Tailored redundancy

  • Advantages in operation :

  1. Trouble-free replacement of all components during operation

  2. Changes to the configuration possible during operation

  3. Early detection of faults and integrated diagnostics options

  4. No loss of data in the event of a fault

  • Flexible modular redundancy (FMR)

  • Flexible connection options via PROFIBUS and PROFINET

  • High  availability and safety in one system

  • Clear advantages in diagnostics and module replacement

  • CPU : All CPUs have 5 interfaces

  1.  PROFIBUS DP interface

  2.  MPI-/PROFIBUS DP interface

  3.  Interfaces for accommodating the sync modules

  4.  PROFINET interface with 2-port switch