We provide solutions for stands, TMT Automation, Shear Control, Tail Breaker Control

Twin Channel, Automatic Cooling, Bed Control, Transfer Table Bar Bundling System, Block Mill Auotmation, Gasifier and Furnace Etc.




  • Reference Generation In forward or reverse Cascading Mode as per Roll Dia, Gear Ratio and reduction %
  • Bite correction
  • Loop control between stands
  • Minimum Tension Control
  • Flying Shear Control in position Mode
  • Continuous Shear with 1st Cut Correction
  • Pulse Based Length Computation
  • Auto Cobble detection
  • Bar Tracking System
  • Auxiliary Controls
  • Block Mill Control
  • Slit Rolling
  • Twin channel Control-Hydraulic and motorized
  • Bar tying – system
  • Gasifies Automation and Coal Consumption Report
  • Furnace Automation- Auto Heating Zone Temperature Control, furnace Pressure Control and Exhaust o2% control
  • Production report Generation
  • Human Machine Interface(HMI) Development