Case Study

  • Ladle furnace handling and melt monitor.
  • Constant Power or constant current based electrode position control.
  • Auto weighing of additives as per the batch process designs.
  • Heat cycle monitoring.
  • Modeling of Power v/s energy and Power Management control.
  • Transfer of Ladles to Caster or further process.
  • The process to make steel on the fingertip control.
  • Automatic weighing controls of Iron Ore, Lime and Coke.
  • Automatic transfer to Kiln through various conveyors.
  • Temperature and Pressure monitoring & control of the Kiln.
  • A complete operator friendly HMI to control the process.
  • Remote management and data logging possible.
  • Energy Recovery Boiler automation.
  • Modular PLCs communicating with each other on high-speed bus.
  • Data management and ERP interface.