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A Power Automation System is an indispensable requirement of the present world. Over the past decade, the automation systems have undergone a string of momentous changes. We deliver services while keeping abreast of developments so that ‘YOU’ don’t lose face in this competitive scenario.

ShriJi Power and Automationis a multi-faceted, widely acclaimed company known for creating solutions of the highest quality and satisfaction to an impressive roster of clients. Understanding and fulfilling the diverse customer needs is our foremost mission, which we are keenly pursuing since our inception.We are a team of talented and astute engineers harboring a strong desire to contribute to the world of technology and changing the business landscape.

We measure our success rate, not on the basis of the profits we make, but the lives we touch.

ShriJi Power and Automation take pride in establishing and fostering a robust and advanced in-house mechanism to design, develop and deliver the most sophisticated and workablecontrol systems to the clients. Professionals working under the fold are the minds full of realistic ideas and hearts full of passion for an even better execution. We have gained the competitive edge because of our fantastic range of services that includes Stands, Shear Control, Twin Channel, Automatic Cooling Bed Control, Gasifier, Tail Breaker Control, TMT Automation and much more.

At ShriJi, we strive to make extraordinary solutions for an extraordinary ‘You’. While working in our laboratories, we aim for nothing less than value-driven services which can be effective in improving efficiency and capability of a business organization. By ‘Mission Innovation’, we simply want to convey that we are a company that


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